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Customized Dispatch Trucks

When you become a Team America Logistics family member, our team takes special care of your paperwork, preferences, goals, and capacity choosing the best way to boost your business.

Dedicated Assistance

Once you’re set up with our company, you’ll get your personal dispatcher who’s going to plan your routes from A to Z. Our specialist will come to your assistance at any time of the day or night until the job is done.

Best Possible Rate

Our freight dispatchers grab a load based only on your preferences. Negotiating with brokers, our team will get you the best rates and schedule your trips as far ahead as possible.

Set-Up Paperwork

When you confirm that you are happy with our dispatching services, your dispatcher takes care of all the necessary paperwork for you to be focused only on the road.

Streamlined Payments

When the load is delivered to the final destination, your personal truck dispatcher collects and submits all the paperwork to brokers and factoring companies portals for you to get your money asap and enjoy your time off.

End-To-End Support

In case of any disputes or conflicts with brokers, shippers, receivers, factoring and insurance companies, our truck dispatch company is always ready to help you out with making a well-weighted decision


We provide dispatching services truckers trust because we are professionals with years of experience in the brokerage and deep knowledge of the ins and outs. We know the specifics of the equipment along with federal and local regulations. Our dispatcher company constantly monitors freight rates, load boards, brokers, and shippers to spot the best deals for our clients. 

Unlike many other truck dispatch companies, Resolute Logistics focuses on a comprehensive approach and provides end-to-end services to relieve drivers from the stress of hunting for loads, making calls, doing paperwork, or struggling for payment. Our truck dispatch service ensures ongoing training for dispatchers and encourages them to anticipate problems before they arise. We foster agility, effective teamwork, and a responsible attitude to drivers under our care.  

Our aim is to keep your trucks busy and smooth the way for your growth!

Why Choose Us

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch dispatching solutions for businesses of all sizes. With our cutting-edge technology, 24/7 support, and commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re the clear choice for your dispatching needs.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Before you start working with Team America Logistics, you may be interested in some questions about truck dispatch, we have collected the most popular ones here:

Our dispatching services include finding loads for fleet owners and owner-operators, 24/7 support, and handling all paperwork. We work for your loads and allow you to stay focused on driving. Just get in touch with us.

The truck dispatchers from Team America Logistics have access to multiple load boards that allow them to increase the variety of the available freight. They are working directly with the brokers who are sending their daily loads directly.

We have a simple pricing system.
Pay Weekly: $145 for 1-4 trucks, $195 for 5-10 trucks, $145 for 10 trucks.
Pay Per Load: 3% for Dry Van, Reefer, Power Only,  Flatbed, and Step Deck. 7% for Hotshot, 10% for Box Truck.

Team America Logistics provides a 24/7 dispatching service with pricing starting from 3% per load or $145 per week. Our truck dispatchers always try to find the best loads for owner operators. So, Team America Logistics is the best dispatch company for you as owner-operators.

We have the following procedure for interacting with our clients:

  1. MC AUTHORITY: A copy of your Motor Carrier Authority
  2. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE: It must reflect $1,000,000 Liability and $100,000 Cargo
  3. W-9 FORM: A copy of your W-9 or IRS-assigned EIN number
  4. DRIVER AND TRUCK IDENTIFICATION: Driver’s License and Truck And Trailer number
  5. NOA: Notice of Assignment (If you have a Factoring Company) otherwise send your voided check
  6. DISPATCH SERVICE AGREEMENT: Completed by our Business Development Team
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Our services are mainly for owner-operators, independent truckers & carriers with their own DOT or MC authority. It’s in our best interest for us to find the best-paying loads available for you.

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