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Welcome to the most quickest and reliable dispatching company in America.

Our Mission

Our mission at Team America Logistics is to optimize your trucking operations. We plan your week, secure top-paying rates, manage paperwork, and assign personal dispatchers. Your success on the road is our priority.

Our Vision

Team America Logistics envisions a future where the trucking industry thrives. We aim to keep your trucks moving, boost earnings, and forge lasting partnerships. Our innovative approach streamlines dispatching, delivering excellence in service.

Why Choose us

Choose Team America Logistics for trust, results, and support. We keep your trucks rolling, negotiate top rates, handle paperwork, and provide personal dispatchers. We’re your dedicated ally on the road to success.

Why Choose Us?

Experience top-tier dispatching services that prioritize efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Our team leverages cutting-edge technology and industry expertise to optimize routes, ensure timely deliveries, and minimize costs. Join our satisfied clients who rely on us for the best in quality dispatching services.

Round-the-clock 24×7 support ensures that you have assistance and solutions available anytime, day or night, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted assistance

Experience efficient and result-oriented dispatch services tailored to your project’s needs. Our dedicated team ensures seamless coordination, optimized routes, and timely deliveries, maximizing productivity and minimizing costs for your projects. Trust us to make every dispatch a success.

Our “Award-Winning Dispatch Team” is a testament to our excellence in truck dispatching services. Recognized for our outstanding performance and dedication, we consistently deliver top-tier solutions that optimize logistics and drive success for our clients.

Our experienced dispatchers are the backbone of our trucking operation. With years of industry knowledge and a commitment to efficiency, they ensure your shipments are on the right track, every time.

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Our services are mainly for owner-operators, independent truckers & carriers with their own DOT or MC authority. It’s in our best interest for us to find the best-paying loads available for you.

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