Our services are mainly for owner-operators, independent truckers & carriers with their own DOT or MC authority. It’s in our best interest for us to find the best paying loads available for you.

We provides Top Notch Services

Strategic Load Allocation

Dispatchers strategically allocate loads to available trucks and meticulously plan routes, considering cargo specifications, shipment volumes, delivery deadlines, and intricate logistics intricacies.

Strategic Broker Partnerships

They proactively cultivate strategic partnerships with prominent brokers, including industry giants such as TQL, Landstar, and J.B. Hunt. This entails meticulous management of all paperwork with brokers and the meticulous completion of carrier packets, thereby ensuring a consistent influx of high-paying loads on a daily basis.

Meticulous Documentation

Dispatchers diligently manage a comprehensive array of paperwork, encompassing bills of lading and various documentation intricacies. They excel in cultivating robust customer relationships, providing informative updates, and seamlessly addressing customer inquiries and concerns.

Effective Communication

Dispatchers maintain constant and precise communication with drivers, issuing comprehensive instructions while meticulously monitoring fleet progress via cutting-edge GPS technology, ensuring adherence to delivery schedules.

Rigorous Problem Resolution

They are adept at swiftly and decisively resolving unexpected challenges, such as mechanical failures or unforeseen delays, all while rigorously ensuring strict adherence to federal and state regulations, encompassing meticulous compliance with hours of service (HOS) and safety standards.

Swift Emergency Response

Dispatchers demonstrate exceptional proficiency in swiftly responding to emergencies, seamlessly coordinating with relevant authorities, and prudently managing costs across multifaceted aspects, including fuel efficiency, maintenance expenses, and labor expenditures, all while maintaining peak operational performance.

Our Services Special For

If you are looking for ways to earn more money running your dry van and reefer business, Team America Logistics has the solution. Thanks to 15 years of combined experience in freight brokerage, we know all those roadblocks on the flow of loads and shipping orders that keep your profits below your expectations. From a confusing amount of paperwork to lack of communication and hands-on support in emergency situations, our reefer and dry van dispatching service will fix every problem, boost your earnings, and ensure the steady growth of your business.

Our company offers flatbed dispatch service and step decks dispatch service for owner operators and fleet owners. All you actually need to achieve this goal is to keep your vehicle running and carrying the best-paying Flatbed and Step Deck loads available in the USA, with downtime and deadhead trips reduced to the minimum.

Take all the advantages of our step deck or flatbed dispatch services.

Power only trucking is not more complicated than earning money with any other type of equipment. Yet, many power only carriers struggle to connect with right shippers and third-party logistics providers in a bid to pay off the investments and make a profit.

If you are one of them, Team America Logistics offers a helping hand in power only dispatch service and ultimate support of your business, starting from searching for power unit only loads and ending with paperwork done on your behalf.

Hotshot trucking can bring you some of the highest rates per mile among all trucking equipment types since it almost always implies urgency. But urgency is exactly the thing that makes it difficult for drivers to keep track of offers and grab the best deals in between runs.

Hotshot dispatch services provided by Team America Logistics remove the obstacle to your business development by undertaking all back-office functions and booking hotshot orders on your behalf.

Sick and tired of struggling with paperwork and hunting for decent freight rates in between trips? Our box truck dispatch service will relieve you of all the common headaches truck drivers are forced to encounter daily.

No more clashes with greedy brokers or deadhead trips! Team America Logistics’ box truck dispatch service will ensure that your box truck is always loaded and keeps generating profit for you instead of burning money as well as time and gas. You drive, we care!